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I currently cap the following TV shows. I cap movies that I personally enjoy, am requested to cap, or just think people will like in general.

TV Shows
- American Horror Story
- Band of Brothers
- Boardwalk Empire
- The Borgias
- Camelot
- Dexter
- Doctor Who
- Dollhouse
- Firefly
- Freaks and Geeks
- Friday Night Lights
- Fringe
- Games of Thrones
- Generation Kill
- Glee
- Harper's Island
- Haven
- Justified
- The Killing
- The L Word
- Legend of the Seeker
- Lie to Me
- Luther
- Mad Men
- The Mentalist
- Merlin
- Mildred Pierce
- Once Upon a Time
- The Playboy Club
- Primeval
- Ringer
- Rome
- The Secret Circle
- Six Feet Under
- Sons of Anarchy
- Spartacus: Blood and Sand
- Supernatural
- True Blood
- The Tudors
- The Vampire Diaries
- The Walking Dead
- The X-Files

Feel free to send me a capping request for a movie, trailer, or TV show. Please understand that although to do my very best to fill all requests, some cannot be filled because I don't have the resources to specific films.

24th June 2012

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Title: #12
Cast: Cherry Darling
Words: Cherry Darling

Title: #12
Cast: Cherry Darling
Words: Cherry Darling

Tagged: Rose McGowanGrindhousePlanet Terror

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